Corporate Governance

At TY Danjuma Family Office, we believe in a strong framework of corporate governance. We endeavour to follow the UK Corporate Governance Code set out by the Financial Reporting Council in the UK, as well as any applicable recommendations in the 2009 Walker Review.

The Board of Directors of TY Danjuma Family Office serves as an oversight body for the family office’s activities – hence four family members are present on the Board along with two Non-Executive Directors.

TY Danjuma Family Office’s key governance principles are:

Transparency and Accountability;

Compliance and Regulatory Oversight;

Strong Internal Controls with Separation of Powers

Separation of Ownership and Management

TY Danjuma Family Office has instilled a compliance and risk culture in its operations. The Board has outlined the plan of action to continue to develop the Company as a best-practice family office. To adopt and follow best practices in Corporate Governance, the family office relies on existing international standards rather than trying to define its own standards. We have, therefore, integrated a selective set of standards into our internal manuals and policies, which include:

Our Company Policies and Compliance Manual, which incorporates relevant provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code. Although the family office is not listed on any stock exchange, it follows relevant recommendations of the Walker report. As a result, the Board of Directors of TY Danjuma Family Office is primarily responsible for the adoption and review of all risk-management and compliance policies. Likewise, our Non-Executive Directors act as “a sounding board for the Chairman”.

Our audited accounts comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS7) – meaning the level of disclosure represented in our annual report is “at par” with industry best practices.

Our Company Investment Management Process and Guidelines incorporates the CFA-Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct, the Institute for Wealth Management Standards and the Global Investment Performance Standards.

Anti-bribery policy, pursuant to the UK Bribery Act (2010)

TY Danjuma Family Office has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. This policy extends to all the company’s business dealings and transactions across all countries in which it, its subsidiaries and associates operate. This policy is reinforced by a detailed anti-bribery programme, which is regularly revised to capture changes in law, reputation demands and any business updates. All directors and employees are required to comply with this policy.