TY Danjuma Foundation

TY Danjuma Foundation

In December 2008, the TY Danjuma Foundation was created in Nigeria. The foundation's principal aims are to provide durable advantages through the implementation of development programs. For Danjuma, the idea of setting up a foundation came when he turned 70, after he had done some research and discovered that the concept of foundations dated back to the Ottoman Empire, when wealthy individuals set up philanthropic organisations to give back to the community.

"I wanted to solve all Nigeria's problems but did not know how to do it and how to start. The only thing I knew about philanthropy is about money being given out, and found that only a fraction of such money reaches the target." Gen TY Danjuma – Founder, TY DANJUMA Foundation.

After receiving assurances that the money would reach its intended beneficiaries, Danjuma did not hesitate in committing whole-heartedly to the Foundation. However, as the Executive Director of the Foundation, Thelma Ekiyor explained the foundation will be operated more as a philanthropic organisation rather than simply as a charity. This would allow for the foundation to seek out other deserving causes and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to partner with and make grants available.

"The foundation is excellently positioned to make substantial contributions to improving the daily lives of the people of Nigeria." Thelma Ekiyor - Executive Director, TY Danjuma Foundation.

With an endowment of USD100 Million been pledged, the TY Danjuma Foundation seeks to alleviate poverty in communities by providing basic amenities, education for children and young adults while also providing free medical care for indigent people. Currently, USD500,000 has been given out as grants to NGOs working to relieve suffering in Danjuma’s home state of Taraba. Taraba is historically one of Nigeria's most impoverished states, compounded by years of bad leadership and the absence of a health service which catered for the masses. Furthermore, the state has the highest case of river blindness and other dilapidating illnesses. It was these concerns and the fact that multiple local and national governments had failed to sustain any lasting social and poverty alleviating programs that deeply motivated Danjuma to come to people's aid.

"This foundation is coming at the time it is most needed. And as the chairman of the local government, where people are receiving free medical services, I am not only overwhelmed, I am speechless...We're grateful to God for using him (Danjuma) to reduce the suffering in our land." Musa Ahijo - Chairman of Takum Local Government.

The TY Danjuma Foundation is currently partnering with over 50 NGOs throughout Nigeria, and with the support and cooperation of 36 state governors. One of the many NGOs which is being supported by the Foundation is CASVI working in Takum, Wukari and Donga. CASVI's main area of expertise is on the provision of free eye care services such as the treatment of river blindness in Wukari, Ibi and Donga.

"The foundation is a Nigerian foundation and, as a result, will support initiatives across the country. The rationale for commencing in Taraba was simply to fulfil the old adage that 'charity begins at home.'.... My vision is that the foundation will play a pivotal role in building a Nigeria where all citizens have access to quality health care, education and equal opportunities to realize their potentials." Gen TY Danjuma – Founder, TY DANJUMA Foundation.

Further to this are plans for the Foundation to build a University in Danjuma's home state of Taraba, while plans for an ultra-modern secondary school in Abuja are also being proposed.

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